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Aluminum Products & Processes

Unprecedented level of independent, unbiased advanced aluminum product & process expertise.   

Recognized Aluminum Industry Experts

Profound Knowledge of Aluminum Products & Processes

150+ Years of Experience & 100+ Patents Combined

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​Aluminum Core Competencies & Capabilities: 
  • Metallurgy and Alloy Development
  • Product Applications 
  • Automotive Alloys (body sheet & foundry alloys)
  • Aluminum Body Sheet (5xxx, 6xxx & 7xxx)
  • Pre-aging, Stabilization and Coating
  • Mechanical Metallurgy (hot rolling, cold rolling, extrusion & forging)
  • Physical Metallurgy (alloy development, phase transformations, heat treatment & annealing)
  • Metal Casting (direct chill, EM & continuous casting)
  • Crystallographic Texture (mechanical anisotropy & earing)
  • Surface Texture (EDT, ridging, orange peel & defect analysis)
  • Corrosion 
  • Advanced Lightweight Aluminum Structures 
  • Concepts through Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Multi-Material Solutions (sheet, plate, extrusions, etc.)
  • Advanced Joining and Welding Technologies 
  • Metals Manufacturing Processes  ​
  • Prototyping, Qualification and Industrialization 
  • Market Insight 
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Packed rolls of steel sheet, Cold rolled
Sheet metal stamped part for the new car
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