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PLYMOUTH, MI – December 2, 2019 – Automotive Aluminum Advisors today announced that it has further strengthened its team of automotive aluminum experts with the addition of Don Strugala, an engineer most recently from Arconic, formerly Alcoa. He is the sixth specialist to join the team who adds yet another element of expertise with more than 30 years of experience in automotive aluminum and steel solutions.

Most recently, Mr. Strugala served as lead application engineer on the Ford account at Arconic overseeing the launch of the all-aluminum F-150 as part of his focus on assisting automakers with launching aluminum intensive vehicles. In addition to Arconic, his extensive automotive experience spans General Motors and National Steel. His experience includes roles in application engineering, field service, sheet metal forming and formability analysis, failure analysis, 8-D analysis and mechanical testing labs.

“Don brings an additional skill set and knowledge base to our team that furthers our ability to impact our customers in a revolutionary way that pushes them further down the innovation path more quickly,” said Nate Beavers, Founder and President of Automotive Aluminum Advisors.“ As the automotive industry accelerates its rate of change, how we innovate needs to shift in-step as well from the mills through the end customer. With a full slate of skillful experience, we are enabling that change at all stages of the process.”

Automotive Aluminum Advisors is disrupting innovation in the automotive industry through the assembly of one of the most experienced aluminum technology and engineering consulting teams in the world. The independent group helps automakers and their suppliers save time, cost and complexity through its unbiased approach to innovation through one of the most rapidly changing time periods in the history of the automotive industry.

Automotive Aluminum Advisors LLC is a consulting company that brings together a diverse team of subject matter experts with a proven track record to support OEMs and their supply partners with the development and commercialization of advanced lightweight solutions for automotive, transportation & other industries. For more information, visit

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