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Advisor Spotlight - Israel Stol (Welding & Assembly Engineer)

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Automotive Aluminum Advisors (Advisor Spotlight) - Israel Stol has over 35 years of experience as a welding and assembly engineer in applied R&D and the implementation of relevant technologies into production. During his career he has been a major innovator, problem solver and driving force in the advancement of various fusion and solid-state joining technologies.

He is an American Welding Society Fellow, the recipient of three national welding awards (two awards from Lincoln Electric and the AWS A.F. Davis award) and has authored and co-authored 45 U.S. and International patents. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Welding Engineering from the Ohio State University.

Israel worked at the Westinghouse R&D center for seven year and Alcoa for 29 years. During his 29 years with Alcoa, he was a senior welding engineer, technology transfer manager and leader of welding technology and assembly to Alcoa and its customers.

He has worked with customers in aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, nuclear, oil & gas, power-generation and transportation, and has experience welding non-ferrous (e.g. aluminum, titanium, copper) and ferrous (e.g. steels and stainless steels) materials utilizing fusion based processes (e.g. GMAW, GTAW, LBW and Submerged Arc Welding) and solid state-based processes (e.g. IFW and FSW).

In automotive, he has worked with U.S. and European OEMs to develop weld specifications and qualification acceptance tests to qualify manual and robotic welding procedures for joining assemblies, develop joint designs, implement joining processes into production, lead or assist with vendor selections for robotic welding systems, surface treating and deburring lines, and oversee the set up and qualification of these systems in assembly facilities.

He is the primary co-inventor with Dr. Richard P. Martukanitz of the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State University of the Laser Stir Welding (LSW) process, which is being used in production for automotive structures. The process is described in ASM’s 2018 aluminum welding handbook.

More recently, Israel developed "Creativity and its Practice," a seminar based on his experiences and learning first-hand how creativity can be successfully fostered or stunted. He has presented the seminar at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) symposia, the British Welding Institute (TWI) in Cambridge, UK and various metal fabricating companies. He also has given lectures and classes to graduate and undergraduate students of the Ohio State University, the Applied Research Laboratory at Penn State University and Carnegie Mellon University.

Contact us at or 248-736-5649 to learn more about possible areas of consulting and support. 

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