Aluminum Body Sheet Course


Abey Abraham 

Managing Director, Automotive & Transportation 

Ducker Frontier

Nate Beavers

Founder & President

Automotive Aluminum Advisors

Michael Bull


Cliff Butcher

Laurent Chappuis

Assistant Professor/Co-Director

University of Waterloo, Forming and  Crash Lab


Light Metal Consultants, LLC

Judson Delancey IV

Applications Specialist 


Narsimhan Raghunathan, Ph.D


Touchstone Testing Lab, LLC

George Panourgias

Kristin Dziczek 

Vice President - Research

Director of Industry Sales

Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow

Center for Automotive Research

Abe Vadahavkar

Materials & Manufacturing Engineering Leader

Giraffe LLC

Don Strugala

Applications & Field Engineering

Automotive Aluminum Advisors

WeiJie Zhang

Material Joining Manager

Gestamp Autotech Engineering R&D   USA Inc.

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